Colour and style advice

Do you always buy the same and do you want to be more visible? Do you experience shop stress or panic at shopping? Does your clothing style no longer match your figure or age? Do you find it difficult to make combinations? Do you want to make sure that you are visible at network meetings? Do you ever wonder how the other nice woman or man always looks so well dressed?

You can be who you are and want to be!

Second Impression helps you making the impression you would like

Colour advice

colour advice men and women

During a colour analysis and colour advice, we show you which colours flatter and make you shine and which ones do not. This is done by showing coloured scarves under your face. The colour has a direct influence on your face due to the reflection of the light. We work with the extensive 12-type colour system. At the end of the session you will receive a personal color pass. Useful to take with you when shopping.

The colour types are: Light spring, Warm spring, Bright Spring, Light summer, Cool summer, Dark summer, Light Fall, Warm Fall, Dark Fall, Light Winter, Cool Winter, Bright Winter.

You get an advice about the perfect combination colours, but also about the basic colours like black, grey, dark blue, beige, etc

You can make a reservation for a personal advice. A colour advice workshop is also a fun activity to do together with your friends, family or colleagues.

Style advice

Wearing the right clothes and style gives you confidence. The trick is to camouflage the parts of the body that you are less happy with and make the beautiful ones stand out. When you know which garments do the best for you, you always look good. If your clothing and style are in harmony with your body, personality and what you want to express, you will find that you achieve more. Success assured, both on a personal and business level! During a style advice we take a good look at your personality, lifestyle and taste. We do a figure analysis so that you know which clothing types you can choose and are the best for you.

About Desiree, your image stylist

Desiree Grijpma completed the study Business Communication at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. She then held various positions at a number of large companies in the field of communication, marketing and sales. She now combines this knowledge with her training as an image consultant, and a passion for fashion and style, in her own company Second Impression, founded in 2009. She has already made many women, men, employees and managers happy with her advice. Her vision is that everyone can look good. You can always be who you want to be. She is convinced that with a well-cared external presentation, you will achieve more in life.


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